General user policy for Turku Protein Core

This policy applies to accessing the instrumentation listed in Turku Protein Core through OpenIRIS or a separate agreement. In addition to these, each instrument might have different policies to need to be adhered to. Every user must read and follow the practices herein.

Publications and acknowledgements

It is obligatory to acknowledge Turku Protein Core. Publication statistics are used to secure funding to maintain and develop Turku Protein Core and protein research infrastructure here in Turku. If the instrument has specific instructions for acknowledgement, the user must adhere to them.

Published articles can be reported here.

General instrument usage rules

Users must operate and maintain the instrument according to instructions provided by the instrument’s owner.

Users must keep the workspace and equipment clean.

Users must not disassemble or physically modify the instrument unless regular use or instruction requires it to do so.

The user must notify the responsible person in case of malfunction or if something breaks.

Users are responsible for the damage caused to the equipment or facilities.

Instrument performance

Instruments are owned and maintained by research-performing organizations and their units. Turku Protein Core does not own the instrumentation and is not responsible for the maintenance and performance of the instrumentation.

Access, Training & Reservations

It is forbidden to use an instrument without reservation or separate agreement with responsible person.

Users need to make sure that they know how to use the instrument before using it. If training is required for the instrument, it is forbidden to use it without it. Please request training through OpenIRIS or by contacting the responsible person.

Data storage and handling

Turku Protein Core is not responsible for storing and management of data produced from using the instruments.