A Complete Protein Research Platform

Turku Protein Core (TuProtCore) is a one-stop-shop open-access core facility that helps internal and external users with their protein-related tasks. It includes vast basic and advanced infrastructure from both Åbo Akademi University and the University of Turku and has capabilities to assist researchers in moving their project from protein expression to biophysical characterization to protein crystallization.


  • Monolith NT.Automated – re-training session & Spectral Shift introduction with NanoTemper Technologies

    Turku Protein Core and NanoTemper would like to invite you to the free Monolith NT. Automated retraining session on 28.5. at Biocity. We would like to invite all scientists who have measured interactions using the Monolith system, as well as all those who plan to start such measurements. During the meeting, you will have the opportunity to:

    Refreshing information on the basics of the MST (MicroScaleThermophoresis) method.

    What kind of interactions can we measure using MST?

    New Spectral Shift method – how it works?

    What does the measurement look like and how to prepare the sample.

    Data analysis from Monolith

    Possibility to talk to specialists from NanoTemper Technologies.

    Find out more about the schedule and how to register from the invitation.

  • Protein Purification Seminar with Cytiva

    Turku Protein Core and Cytiva are organizing a seminar on protein purification! The seminar will be held on 9.4. at Ministeri lecture hall (Biocity,  Tykistökatu 6, 20520 Turku). The event is open to all interested.

    Cytiva seminar for protein purifiers

    09:00 – 09:30 What’s new in the lab ÄKTA systems family?

    09:30 – 10:00 Tips, tricks & troubleshooting for ÄKTA users

    10:00 – 10:20 Break

    10:20 – 10:40 Western blotting tips and tricks

    10:40 – 11:00 Protein Select™ – a novel affinity ligand for high purity and tag removal

    You can find registration information in the invitation here.

  • New Mass Photometer and Homogenizer

    Turku Protein Core received research infrastructure funding from Research Council of Finland to improve protein research capabilities here on campus and the first of the new acquisitions are now available for use!

    Mass Photometer – Refeyn TwoMP Auto

    Access via OpenIris

    More info on the Protein Characterization and Interaction instrument page.

    The instrument can be used for label-free measurement of quality and molecular weight of proteins and protein-protein complexes. It is located in Turku Bioscience, 5th floor of Biocity.

    High-Pressure Homogenizer – Avestin Emulsiflex C3

    Access via OpenIris

    More info on the Protein Purification instrument page.

    The instrument can be used for cell disruption, emulsions, liposomes, and particle size reduction. It is located in the Department of Life Technologies, 6th floor of Biocity.

    Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming FIRI acquisitions.